16TB LaunchBox DOWNLOAD - PRE-CONFIGURED for Plug & Play! with over 60000+ Games

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16TB LaunchBox DOWNLOAD - PRE-CONFIGURED for Plug & Play! with over 60000+ Games



16TB Launchbox DOWNLOAD:

✔ 60,000+ Games

✔ Latest Version of Launchbox

✔ Latest Emulators Configured for optimial performance.

✔ Preconfigured Setup of Launchbox Includes All Themes / Video previews, and Wheel art.

✔ Fully Compatible with 64-bit Windows 7,8,10,11

✔ Plug & Play. Fully Loaded.

✔ Once downloaded you can be playing games in minutes.

✔ Pre-Configured for Xbox 360 Controllers, Can be configured to work with ANY Controller.



Unlock the full potential of your gaming experience with Launchbox, the ultimate frontend for organizing and accessing your extensive game library effortlessly. Our comprehensive Launchbox tutorial guides you through the seamless setup process, ensuring you're up and running in no time. Explore a plethora of customizable Launchbox themes to personalize your gaming environment to your liking. With easy access to the latest Launchbox download, you can quickly expand your collection and discover new favorites. Dive into a vast array of Launchbox games spanning various genres and platforms, all accessible from one centralized hub. Seamlessly integrate your preferred emulators with Launchbox, turning your PC into the ultimate gaming powerhouse. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting, Launchbox offers the perfect solution as a versatile frontend.

Systems / Games List:

ALL GAMES: 61,411


AAE: 38
American Laser Games: 10
MAME: 2,756
SNK Neo Geo: 139
Daphne: 16
OpenBOR: 358
Sammy Atomisewave: 23
Sega Hikaru: 5
Sega Model 2: 33
Sega Model 3: 21
Sega Naomi: 124
Sega Naomi 2: 5
Sega Triforce: 2
Zinc: 45

Apple II: 430
Apple IIGS: 197
Atari 800: 5,240
Atari ST: 2,142
Commodore 128: 44
Commodore 64: 4,005
Commodore Amiga: 2,092
Commodore CDTV: 63
Doujin: 46
Flash Games: 167
Fujitsu FM Towns Marty: 70
Locomalito Games: 10
MSX: 557
MSX 2: 150
MSX2+: 31
MS DOS: 7,116
PopCap Games: 53
ScummVM: 48
Sharp X1: 201
Sharp X68000: 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 5,581
Windows (Modern Games): 114
Windows 3x: 1,120

3D NES: 68
3DO Interactive: 204
Atari 2600: 661
Atari 5200: 91
Atari 7800: 66
Atari Jaguar: 56
Colecovision: 155
Commodore Amiga CD32: 147
Emerson Arcadia 2001: 49
Mattel Intelivision: 150
XBOX: 261
XBOX 360: 42
NEC TurboGrafx-16: 308
NEC TurboGrafx-CD: 206
Nintendo 64: 396
Nintendo 64 (Hacks): 52
Nintendo 64DD: 10
Nintendo Entertainment System: 706
Nintendo Entertainment System (Hacks): 650
Nintendo Entertainment System (HDnes): 3
Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 780
Nintendo Entertainment System (Hacks): 207
Nintendo Entertainment System (Unclicensed): 33
Nintendo Entertainment System (MSDU-1): 135
Nintendo Famicom: 409
Nintendo Famicom Disk System: 122
Nintendo GameCube: 610
Nintendo Datellaview: 114
Nintendo Super Famicom: 169
Nintendo Switch: 418
Nintendo Virtual Boy: 15
Nintendo Wii: 1,265
Nintenbdo Wii U: 79
Nintendo WiiWare: 505
PC Engine SuperGrafx: 7
Philips CD-i: 68
Philips Videopac+: 89
Sega 32X: 43
Sega CD: 191
Sega CD 32X: 5
Sega Dreamcast: 300
Sega Genesis: 784
Sega Genesis (Hacks): 172
Sega Genesis (Translations): 26
Sega Genesis (Unlicensed & Prototypes): 126
Sega Mark III: 378
Sega Master System: 288
Sega Saturn: 1,009
Sega SG-1000: 80
SNK Neo Geo AES: 142
SNK Neo Geo CD: 93
Sony Playstation: 1,785
Sony Playstation 2: 1,886
Sony Playstation 3: 36

Atari Lynx: 85
Nintendo 3DS: 1,110
Nintendo DS: 2,111
Nintendo Game & Watch: 49
Nintendo Game Boy: 909
Nintendo Game Boy (Hacks): 19
Nintendo Game Boy Advance: 962
Nintendo Game Boy Color: 551
Nintendo Super Game Boy: 226
Sega Game Gear: 274
SNK Neo Geo Pocket: 8
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color: 76
Sony PSP: 1,026
Sony PSP Minis: 304
Watara Supervision: 63
WonderSwan: 110
WonderSwan Color: 92

Future Pinball: 802
Pinball FX2: 61
Pinball FX3: 78
Visual Pinball: 94

Beat'em Up: 752
Board & Card: 171
Classics: 1,022
Fighting: 675
Flying: 267
Horror: 95
Light Gun: 149
Motor: 1,156
Platform: 1,641
Puzzle: 1,436
Rhythm: 131
Role Playing: 1,054
Run & Gun: 312
Shoot'em Ups: 664
Shooter: 442
Sports: 2,096
Strategy: 402

Castlevania: 40
Crash Bandicoot: 18
DC Comics: 112
Digimon: 29
Doom & Quake: 49
Dragon Warrior & Quest: 25
Dungeons & Dragons: 35
Final Fantasy: 54
Mario: 129
Mega Man: 75
Metal Gear: 21
Metroid: 14
Mortal Kombat: 41
Pokemon: 56
Resident Evil: 22
Sonic: 71
Star Wars: 77
Street Fighter: 65
Tekken: 18
Tetris: 77
Zelda: 40

Root Drive




Pre-Configured to work with Xbox 360 Controllers


Can be configured to work with ANY Controller


Recommended Controllers

Why Choose ArcadeSystems?

Hyperspin and LaunchBox setups can be exceedingly difficult to set up. Our pre-configured drives allow you to quickly and easily get your Arcade/Retro & Console gaming machine up and running in minutes, without the the hassle of configuration.

We Ship Worldwide!


Need Help? We also offer Remote Support if you get stuck.


We frequently release updates to keep our builds upto date.


Failed Hard-drive? No problem. You have full access to the cloud to re-download the files





16TB HARD DRIVE (External - 3.5")

16TB HARD DRIVE (Internal - 3.5")



This build is optimised to run on Windows 10 or 11, with the latest Windows Updates

This build is also compatible with 64-bit Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8



We are frequently asked what hardware specification is required to run this build.

Most of the Retro Systems will run on basic hardware, even without a graphics card.


However, to get the most out of this build we recommend the following specifications:


Intel i5

4 GB Ram

2GB Graphics Card


The higher the specs of the hardware, the better the gameplay will be and the more systems you will be able to play

You do NOT need a graphics card to play most of the systems.



What's Included?

Access to our Private, Secure & Super Fast FTP Servers

(Largest Server Infastruture in the Industry!)

Easy to Follow Install Instructions

Full Support (Remote Support also Available)

Drive NOT Included, this is a DOWNLOAD.




 We Provide Access to our Private, Secure & Super Fast FTP Servers

(Largest Server Infastruture in the Industry!)


Our setup is compatible with multiple clients:

FTP Clients: FileZilla (works with ANY FTP client)

File Sync Clients: Syncovery

File Compare Clients: Beyond Compare 4


Dont worry if you are not familiar with any of these, we will help you get up and running.







EXTRACTED (meaning):

This supplied format is not compressed so does not require extracting or any additional storage space. (will fit on any 8TB  hard drive, see recommendations below)

You download the folder structure to your drive extractly as it is on the server.

Then follow the included instructions & play!


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