16TB Batocera Hard Drive For Windows PC - Fully Loaded - Plug and Play!

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✔ 39.738 Games

✔ 120 Systems

✔ Latest Stable Version of Batocera.

✔ Emulators Configured for optimial performance.

✔ Preconfigured Setup of Batocera Includes All Themes / Video previews, and Wheel art.

✔ Fully Compatible with ANY PC

✔ Plug & Play.

✔ Works with Any Controller, Trackball, Light Gun & Most Steering Wheels!


Transform your gaming experience with Batocera, the ultimate retro gaming solution for enthusiasts of all levels. Our seamless Batocera download offers access to a vast library of retro games, ready to be enjoyed on various platforms, including the Raspberry Pi. With intuitive Batocera setup guides, getting started is a breeze, allowing you to dive into your favorite classics in no time. Stay updated on Batocera compatibility lists to ensure smooth gameplay across a wide range of systems and games. Explore a plethora of Batocera themes to customize your gaming interface and create the perfect nostalgic atmosphere. Discover an extensive collection of retro games available on Batocera, spanning from classic consoles to arcade favorites. Enhance your gaming experience with Batocera emulator options tailored to your preferences. Find the perfect Batocera image and BIOS configuration to optimize performance and compatibility.

Systems / Games List:

All Games - 39,738

LightGun: 245
CPS1: 65
CPS2: 75
CPS3: 12
Sega ST-V: 35
Pinball: 168
Shoot'Em UP: 1271
Shooter: 641
Sports: 1940
Acorn Atom: 10
Acorn Electron: 11
Amstrad CPC: 122
Apple IIgs: 1323
Daphne: 12
MAME: 2846
Final Burn Neo: 181
Atari 2600: 498
Atart 800: 189
Atari 5200
Atari ST: 2903
Atari 7800: 59
Atari XE: 3
Atari Lynx: 76
Atari Jaguar: 58
Astrocade: 100
Sufami Turbo: 15
Wonderswan: 109
Wonderswan color: 88
Future Pinball: 27
Colecovision: 140
Adam: 24
Amiga: 1708
Commodore 64: 2220
EasyRPG: 2
M.U.G.E.N: 25
Adventure Vision: 4
Game Pocket Computer: 5
TIC-80: 231
Super A'Can: 5
Gaelco: 2
Game Master: 11
ScummVM: 148
Odyssey2: 1
Intellivision: 137
Vectrex: 23
MSX: 289
MSX2: 122
MSX2+: 54
Windows: 3
XBOX: 110
XBOX 360: 13
PC Engine: 874
PC Engine CD: 130
SuperGraphx: 6
PC-FX: 74
Game & Watch: 52
NES: 1403
Family Computer: 248
GameBoy: 864
Super Nintendo: 1740
Satellaview: 36
Virtual Boy: 46
Nintendo 64: 309
GameBoy Color: 538
GameBoy Color 2P: 11
Nintendo 64DD: 10
Nintendo Gamecube: 637
GameBoy Advance: 1091
Nintendo DS: 2805
Nintendo Wii: 1073
Nintendo 3DS: 521
Nintendo Wii U: 129
Nintendo Switch: 221
3D0: 210
CannonBall: 1
Bomberman: 1
Beats of Rage: 350
Ports: 6
Prince of Persa: 1
Super Mario War: 1
OD-Commander: 1
PyGame: 1
Atomiswave: 27
Sega SG-1000: 67
Sega Master System: 344
Sega Mega Drive: 1397
Sega GameGear: 335
Sega Mega CD: 170
Sega Model 2: 32
Sega Saturn: 507
Sega 32X: 34
Sega Model 3: 56
Sega Dreamcast: 406
Sega Naomi: 84
Sega HIKARU: 6
Sega Naomi 2: 13
Sega MSU: 4
Sharp X68000: 833
Sinclar ZX81: 67
Sinclar ZXSpectrum: 2766
Neo-Geo MVS: 187
Neo-Geo CD: 91
Neo-Geo Pocket: 17
Neo-Geo Pocket Color: 40
Solarus: 8
Playstation: 1817
Playstation 2: 1531
PSP: 1095
Playstation 3: 204
Tandy: 107
Creativision: 12
V.Smile: 20
Supervision: 44
Mega Duck: 14
2 Players: 10,839
4 Players: 2733


Why Choose ArcadeSystems?

Hyperspin and LaunchBox setups can be exceedingly difficult to set up. Our pre-configured drives allow you to quickly and easily get your Arcade/Retro & Console gaming machine up and running in minutes, without the the hassle of configuration.

We Ship Worldwide!


Need Help? We also offer Remote Support if you get stuck.


We frequently release updates to keep our builds upto date.


Failed Hard-drive? No problem. You have full access to the cloud to re-download the files





16TB HARD DRIVE (External - 3.5")

16TB HARD DRIVE (Internal - 3.5")



This build will run on ANY Windows PC



We are frequently asked what hardware specification is required to run this build.

Most of the Retro Systems will run on basic hardware, even without a graphics card.


However, to get the most out of this build we recommend the following specifications:


Intel i5

4 GB Ram

2GB Graphics Card


The higher the specs of the hardware, the better the gameplay will be and the more systems you will be able to play

You do NOT need a graphics card to play most of the systems.





Batocera works with ANY Controller


  • Arcade Controls
  • USB Controllers
  • X-Arcade
  • Ultimarc's iPac
  • jPac 

Recommended Controllers




Fully Plug and Play with All major

Sinden, Aimtrak, Gun4IR, AE, and GunCon.


Recommended Light Guns





Fully Plug and Play with an ever expanding range of racing wheels!






Recommended Racing Wheel



 We Provide Access to our Private, Secure & Super Fast FTP Servers

(Largest Server Infastruture in the Industry!)


Our setup is compatible with multiple clients:

FTP Clients: FileZilla (works with ANY FTP client)

File Sync Clients: Syncovery

File Compare Clients: Beyond Compare 4


Dont worry if you are not familiar with any of these, we will help you get up and running.






Batocera is EXT3, meaning it is a self contained operating system.

It does NOT require windows or any other operating system to run.

You BOOT into Batocera at StartUp.


What's Included?

16TB Batocera Hard Drive

Easy to Follow Install Instructions

Full Support (Remote Support also Available)

Batocera Updates

Batocera Downloads

Batocera Hard Drives

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